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Rochester Area Projects
Rochester Drainage Projects

Coming Soon!

We are in the early phase of building a future stormwater pond at 18133 Albany Street SW in order to help drain pockets of standing water along the neighboring streets. As part of our focus on addressing the County's high priority stormwater needs, we will also be looking for other ways to improve drainage in Rochester, including near the area around and south of Highway 12 Main Street.

We need your help to understand where the problems are and how we can add value to the community. You can check out our online map to see where your neighbors identified problem areas. 

Please continue to report any standing water problems to us through our online form!

For other questions, concerns, or feedback on our Rochester area projects, please email us

Final Project Design

After a thorough analysis of the site and exploring various options with design engineers and hearing feedback from the community, we just finalized the pond concept and design specs. Initially, a design incorporating a mima mound theme (favored by 51% of survey respondents) was explored, but we discovered that long term maintenance might become a bigger issue with this approach. We were still able to incorporate many of the features desired by the community, such as a natural pond look (favored by 78% of survey respondents), walking path (favored by 75%), and seating on slopes similar to an amphitheater (favored by 22%). You can view the Rochester Pond design specs and also check out the renderings below: