Report Dumping & Spills
If you see someone put anything other than rainwater into a storm drain or if you find evidence of a spill  – whether large or small, accidental or intentional – please let us know. It could pose a threat to public health.
Submit an online form (it's anonymous)

Make a call
Call us 360-867-2099 
Call DOE 360-407-6300 (Dept. of Ecology handles large spills)
Call 911 (emergency-related spills or hazardous materials)

Where to legally dispose of hazardous materials

Safely and legally get rid of most chemical waste at Thurston County’s HazoHouse.

Why it’s important to report

Most drains flow untreated directly into nearby streams and rivers, and ultimately into our drinking water. That’s why dumping is illegal per Thurston County ordinance 14404.

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