Stormwater Inspections & Maintenance Workshops

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What Stormwater Facilities Inspections & Manitenance Workshop for Contractors

When Coming Fall, 2021! 

Stay tuned for dates and more info!

Where Online (for the Foreseeable Future)

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This virtual course offers participants: Inspection & Maintenance How-To's, Hot Topic Discussions, Resources, and Technical Guidance from City & County Staff! 

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What Stormwater Facilities Inspections & Maintenance Workshop for HOA & Neighborhoods

When Coming Spring, 2022! 

Stay tuned for dates & more info!

Where Online (for the Foreseeable Future)

Event Details 

Parking N/A

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"The information is the workshop was great, and the instructors really cared 
about what 
they were teaching! Taking us out in the field was very beneficial." 

~Josh McCarty, Mint Landscapes