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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, July 10, 2015
Kevin Patching, Thurston County Utility Supervisor at (360) 867-2288 or PatchiK@co.thurston.wa.us

Boston Harbor Water Utility Back to Normal
Reservoir now replenished after voluntary water conservation

Thurston County Public Works staffers announced today that the reservoir levels for the Boston Harbor Water Utility are now back to normal after 10 days of voluntary water conservation by area residents. Boston Harbor residents were asked to temporarily cut back on their water usage on June 30 when a malfunction in the well pumps was discovered and water levels at the reservoir had suddenly dropped.

Members of the county's utility division staff discovered that water levels had dropped very low at the Boston Harbor water reservoir on June 30, and after investigating, staff found that the well pumps were not working. While crews were able to get the well pumps working manually almost immediately, the water utility's customers in the Boston Harbor area were asked to conserve water until the reservoir's water levels were back to normal.

Now that the reservoir tank has re-filled, customers are asked to still use water wisely during this very hot and dry season, but strict water conservation is no longer necessary.

"The pumps have been working properly manually while we fix the automatic features, and water levels are now looking good," said Kevin Patching, Thurston County Utility Supervisor. "We don't expect any further issues for customers."

The Thurston County Public Works Department provides water and sewer services to four communities in the county, which include Boston Harbor, Tamoshan-Beverly Beach, Grand Mound, and Olympic View.

To learn more about utilities services and other services provided by the county's Public Works Department, visit www.co.thurston.wa.us/publicworks.



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