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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, August 24, 2015
Ramiro Chavez, Thurston County Public Works Director at (360) 867-2271 or ChavezR@co.thurston.wa.us
Marcie Taylor, Transportation Benefit District Board Clerk at (360) 867-2273 or TCTBD@co.thurston.wa.us

County's Transportation Benefit District Website Now Online
Board meeting agendas, background and project information now available at one web location

Thurston County's new Transportation Benefit District now has a new home on the web. The new website, launched on Friday, allows county residents to surf the web to learn more about the Transportation Benefit District (TBD) and track the meeting agendas and activities related to the district's Board of Directors.

"Our goal with the website was to go beyond the basic requirements for posting the board meeting agendas. We wanted to make it easy for the public to learn about the county's Transportation Benefit District and have a comprehensive overview of the context and background for the board's upcoming decisions at their fingertips," said Ramiro Chavez, Thurston County Public Works Department Director.

The TBD Board of Directors designated the county's Public Works Department to be the lead agent that will perform the work of the TBD, including the development and implementation of annual work plans, and managing the TBD Board of Directors regular monthly meetings and maintaining the TBD website, which can be found at www.co.thurston.wa.us/publicworks/TC_TBD. The next TBD board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 15.

The Thurston County Transportation Benefit District was created in December 2014 to give county leaders options for raising additional funds to help maintain and preserve the county's aging roads and transportation infrastructure. Over the next several months, members of the TBD Board of Directors will be examining the various funding options that state law allows transportation benefit districts to use to raise money to pay for road and transportation projects. The TBD board is expected to develop a funding strategy in early 2016.

"As the TBD board members explore their options for funding through the rest of this year, we'll be doing some community outreach in the coming months to build awareness of the issue with community stakeholders and county residents. The TBD website will be an important resource for members of the community who want to learn more about the funding options and provide feedback on what they think the TBD's priorities should be," said Chavez.

If you would like to be placed on the TBD's email list to receive notification of upcoming board meeting agendas, news alerts and announcements, send an email with the word "subscribe" in the subject line to TCTBD@co.thurston.wa.us.



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