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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sunday, November 15, 2015
Ramiro Chavez, Thurston County Public Works Director,  C- 360-280-5394, W- 360-867-2271

Thurston County Road Closures Cause Detours
Impacts Prather and Independence Roads in the south western part of the county

OLYMPIA - Thurston County residents who use the Prather Road, may have to find an alternate way around a newly closed section of the road.

Thurston County Public Works staff have determined that a new crack in Prather Road, between Lee and Bicknell, is serious enough to close the road to ensure public safety. This will present challenges to local residents because Independence Road, the primary alternate route, is also closed due to water over the roadway. That closure is between James and Michigan Hill roads.

The other possible alternate is Lincoln Creek Road, which runs through part of Lewis County. Thurston County staff is working with Lewis County Public Works on the related issues.

The decision on when to reopen Independence Road will depend on how the long the rain holds off and how soon the Chehalis River recedes.

Watch the Thurston County web pages for updates.

A REMINDER- If you can't see the road under the water, don't drive on it! That’s the advice emergency managers have for drivers during flooding situations. As little as 18 inches of water can float a small car. The number one cause of flood related deaths is drowning.

Driving through standing water can also be expensive. The air intake on many cars is low at the front of the car. Just a cup of water sucked into the combustion chamber can wreck an engine.

Residents can help prevent flooding roads by clearing fallen leaves from blocked storm drains.


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