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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, October 3, 2016
Patrick Allen, P.E., Community Rating System Coordinator

Thurston Flood Plan Means Savings for Flood Insurance Holders
Part of the National Flood Insurance Program

OLYMPIA - Thurston County has issued an annual report on the progress toward implementing the 32 Mitigation Initiatives in the county's 2012 Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan.

This progress report is required as part of Thurston County's recertification under the National Flood Insurance Program's Community Rating System. The current rating Thurston County has in the Community Rating System allows property owners in unincorporated Thurston County renewing or purchasing flood insurance to receive up to a 40% reduction in their insurance premium. The rating came as part of the county's reverification process with the federal government.

Progress Summary:

  • Eighteen of the 32 Mitigation Initiatives are ongoing. Examples include public outreach activities, capital improvement project identification, and flood hazard modeling.
  • Thirteen of the Mitigation Initiatives are complete.
  • One Mitigation Initiative will be implemented when resources become available.

The complete progress report is available on the Thurston County Planning Department web-site or by contacting Pat Allen at 360-867-2078 or by e-mail allenp@co.thurston.wa.us



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