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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Lucy Mills, Roads Operations Manager, 360-867-2384, or millsl@co.thurston.wa.us

County Roads Could be Impacted by Inclement Weather
Crews work to make roadways safe

OLYMPIA - With the forecast prediction of lowland snow over the next day or two, Thurston County road crews have stepped up their efforts to make roadways as safe as possible for drivers.

"Of course, the best reaction that residents can have is to avoid driving on icy or snowy roadways if possible. But since many of us need to use the streets, be sure you have emergency supplies in your vehicle and to give yourself plenty of travel time and plenty of room around other cars." Says County Road Operations Manager Lucy Mills.

County road crews have already been out putting de-icer down on the areas that typically get slick in this type of weather. Public Works is responsible for 1035 miles of roadway which has been broken down to priority and secondary routes for snow plowing. These routes consist of 172 miles of arterials, 200 miles of collectors and 387 iles of local access roads. After all of these roads have been plowed, equipment may move onto other local access roadways. Snow plows are typically not dispatched unless two or more inches of snow has fallen. A map of the routes can be found Here.

Preparations for inclement weather have been underway since the end of summer. Every October, all related equipment is inspected and prepared including-
  • 10- 10 yd. trucks with plows
  • 3 - Pick-ups with plows
  • 3 - Graders (used in higher elevations)
  • 5 - Anti-icing trucks
  • 7 - Trucks with sanding capabilities

In addition, Bull pens are stocked (sand, de-icer, signs, barricades) and equipment is pre-staged across the county. Crews and managers also review snow plow and sand/de-icing routes and plans are set to pre-define the makeup of crews and responsibilities in case 24-hour operations become necessary."We take these responsibilities very seriously and constantly monitor the forecast, road reports and other data to gauge what the impacts are. That way, we can change our reaction to fit the situation." Says Mills.For information on road closures in Thurston County please visitThis Page.



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