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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, March 7, 2008
Cynthia Stewart, Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, 360-709-3063

Thurston County Commissioners Host Meeting in Tenino

OLYMPIA – Residents of the Tenino/Bucoda/Rainier area of South Thurston County are invited to a meeting with the Board of County Commissioners later this month.  This "Community Conversation" is the second in a series of such meetings to be held in the rural parts of the county.  A meeting was held earlier in Rochester and other meetings are planned for other south county areas.

Commission chairman Diane Oberquell says the meetings are an informal opportunity for area citizens to let the commissioners know their issues and concerns.  "We realize that what is important for the citizens who live in the more urban areas might not be the same as those who live further out.  We thought it would be easier to have a conversation with folks in other parts of the county if we brought the meeting to them, so that is what we are doing" The meeting is intended for residents of Tenino, Rainier and Bucoda, but anyone may attend.  There will not be any presentations by county staff and Commissioners are not seeking "testimony" from anyone on any particular subject.  Issues that may be discussed include-

  • What do people think of current services and programs?
  • What do people see for the future of south Thurston County ?
  • What can County government do to assist the rural cities and towns and their residents?

The "Community Conversation" with the Board of Thurston County Commissioners will be held at 6:30 the evening of Thursday, March 20th at Tenino High School , 500 West 2nd Avenue , in Tenino.  Those seeking more information on the meeting can call the Commissioner's office at 360-786-5440.  

County Commissioners:

Carolina Mejia
District 1

Gary Edwards
District 2

Tye Menser
District 3