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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, September 17, 2004
 Jennifer Johnson, Education and Outreach Specialist (360) 754-4111 ext. 7631

Wastemobile Collects Hazardous Waste in Tumwater

Olympia- The WasteMobile, Thurston County's mobile hazardous waste collection vehicle, will visit Tumwater High School September 25 and 26th from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.  The collection event will be held in the west parking lot of Tumwater High School at 700 Israel Road. 

The WasteMobile accepts unwanted household hazardous materials such as oil-based paint, pesticides, glues, solvents, car batteries, antifreeze, motor oil filters, fluorescent lights, and pool and hobby chemicals.  Staff will not accept garbage, empty containers, medical wastes, explosives, ammunition, compressed gas cylinders, or business-related wastes. There is no charge for households to use this service. 

At the Tumwater WasteMobile event in 2002 nearly ten tons of hazardous materials was collected!  Collection events such as the WasteMobile keep hazardous materials out of landfills and help prevent accidental poisonings or spills.

If a person is unsure whether a product is hazardous they can find out by checking the product label.  The terms "danger" and "poison" on the front label indicate that a product is highly hazardous and should be disposed of as hazardous waste.  The terms "caution" and "warning" mean that the product is mildly to moderately hazardous and should also be disposed of as hazardous waste.  The lack of one of these "signal words" (danger, poison, warning, caution) on a modern product means that the product is not considered toxic and can be disposed of in the regular trash.  These signal words can also be used to choose the least-toxic products when shopping.

 Those who cannot visit the WasteMobile event can go to HazoHouse at the Waste and Recovery Center off of Hogum Bay Road, which is open all year to accept unwanted household hazardous products.  HazoHouse is open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 8:00 am-5:00 pm. 

For more information on the Wastemobile or HazoHouse, contact Thurston County's Waste Line at (360) 786-5494 or visit www.co.thurston.wa.us/wwm.


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