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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, July 27, 2017
Thurston County Fair Office, 360-786-5453, or bodnark@co.thurston.wa.us

Mascot Voting and Selection for Thurston County Fair

​Each year the children (up to age 18) get to select the mascot for the fair two years out. Using official ballots and a real voting machine gratis of the Thurston County Auditor's Office, children get to look at the picture and the "plank" for each candidate and then vote. There is a running tally posted each day to keep everyone watching to see who will win! The candidates this year are: Gary Geoduck, Henrietta Hen, Douglas Fir and Marty Mushroom.

Take your children to the voting booth in the Deck Building and help out your candidate! The voting booth is open from 10-10 Wednesday through Saturday, and 10-6 on Sunday.

The 2017 Exhibitor's Guide has information and details about competing in hundreds of open class and club contests, as well as information on entry forms, camping, and this year's calendar of events. Download the complete 2017 Exhibitor's Guide at: www.ThurstonCountyFair.org/exhibitor_guide.htm.   

For more information on the 2016 Thurston County Fair activities, contests and games you can also contact the Thurston County Fair Office at (360) 786-5453 or visit www.ThurstonCountyFair.org.

"Have a 'Hare-Raising' time at the Thurston County Fair!"

August 2-6, 2017




County Commissioners:

Carolina Mejia
District 1

Gary Edwards
District 2

Tye Menser
District 3