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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Jane Mountjoy-Venning, Environmental Health, (360)867-2643, or email at venninj@co.thurston.wa.us 
Jenny Wilson, Parks and Recreation Supervisor, at (360) 491-0857 or Laceyparks@ci.lacey.wa.us 

Long Lake Under Toxic Blue-Green Algae Advisory
Levels unsafe for humans and pets

OLYMPIA – The Thurston County Public Health and Social Services (PHSS) department confirmed there is a toxic blue-green algae bloom in Lacey’s Long Lake, making it unsafe for swimmers and pets. The most recent sample detected microcystin algae toxin levels at 14 micrograms per liter of water—above the state standard of eight micrograms per liter for recreational water use. 

In response to these findings, the City of Lacey will keep the beach and swimming area of Long Lake closed until the Thurston County Health Department can confirm microcystin toxicity levels are below eight micrograms. Long Lake Park remains open to the public. 

PHSS staff are working with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife and local community associations to close access to the lake and post advisory signs. 

Additionally, PHSS recommends extra precautions be taken to avoid the health risks posed by microcystin toxins.
  • Stay out of the lake 
  • Avoid contact with water containing algae
  • Keep pets and livestock out of the water
  • When fishing, it is safest to catch-and-release any fish caught during a toxic algae bloom
  • Do not Jet Ski, kayak, paddle board or boat on the water during a toxic algae bloom 
  • Do not drink water taken from the lake 
Algae blooms during the summer months are common and PHSS regularly tests surrounding lakes for the presence of algae and corresponding toxicity levels. Long Lake will remain closed to swimmers until microsystin levels are below eight micrograms per liter.

You can learn more about toxic algae blooms and health risks on the Washington State Department of Health’s Blue-Green Algae website, or contact the Thurston County Health Department at 360-867-2626.


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