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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, September 13, 2013
Jerry Noviello, Thurston County Prosecutor's Office, 360-239-3445

Alcohol Compliance Checks Result in 85% Success Rate

OLYMPIA - Alcohol compliance checks were conducted at 13 stores and gas stations throughout Thurston County last Thursday. All but 1 of the stores were rechecks of stores that previously sold alcohol to an undercover operative. Of the 12 stores that were rechecked, ten denied the sale to the 19 year old operative. "It was great to see that most of the stores that were checked took the necessary steps to train their staff in effectively checking identification and understanding the laws and responsibilities of selling alcohol," said Jerry Noviello, Target Zero Manager for Thurston County. However, 2 of the stores that were checked did sell to the operative. "With many safeguards built into most cash registers, it was unfortunate that these cashiers still sold alcohol to our underage informant," said Sgt. Dave Odegaard of the Thurston County Sheriff's Office. "One register required a birth date to be inputted before approving the sale, and the cashier bypassed this function to sell beer to the underage operative."

Below is a list of the stores that were checked during this operation:
Stores that did NOT sell to the underage operative:
  • Chamber's Prairie General Store at 2914 Yelm Highway SE (Recheck)
  • Tri Lake Market at 8031 Yelm Highway SE (Recheck)
  • Union Mills Grocery at 7431 Pacific Ave SE (Recheck)
  • Arbor Chevron at 9335 Martin Way E (Recheck)
  • Smoke and Beer at 7243 Martin Way (Recheck)
  • Scott Lake Grocery at 11315 Scott Creek Dr SW (Recheck)
  • Crescent Grocery at 21828 Oly Hwy 99 SW (Recheck)
  • DJ's County Market at 18419 Bucoda Hwy SE (Recheck)
  • Dylan's Corner at 15201 Vail Rd SE (Recheck)
  • Rainier Texaco at 207 Binghampton St (Recheck)
  • Four Corners Grocery Deli Gas at 11500 Bald Hill Rd SE

Stores that DID sell to the underage operative:
  • Buddies Grocery and Deli at 6501 Martin Way E (Recheck)
  • Whistle Stop Grocery at 12745 Old Highway 99 SE (Recheck)

These alcohol sales compliance checks were a part of Target Zero's Party Intervention Patrol, which has a goal of reducing underage drinking and drugging in Thurston County.



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