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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, May 12, 2014
Gabby Byrne, Solid Waste Education & Outreach Specialist at (360) 867-2284 or ByrneG@co.thurston.wa.us

FreshPaper Joins Countys Waste Less Food Initiative
Discounts, bonus products available for Thurston County residents to keep produce fresh

Olympia-Fresh produce is good for us. Unfortunately, it is the food that households toss out the most because it can go bad so fast. That results in a big waste of money and resources. Wouldn't it be nice keep your fruits and vegetables fresher longer?

Thurston County Solid Waste launched the "Waste Less Food" campaign this past March to reduce the amount of edible food that residents throw out. As part of the campaign, the county has partnered with the social enterprise company Fenugreen, which manufactures a product called FreshPaper. Biodegradable, compostable, and infused with organic spices, FreshPaper looks like a square coffee filter, smells a little like maple syrup and will keep your produce fresh two to four times longer than normal. Since the launch of FreshPaper in 2010, Fenugreen's innovative product has won rave reviews from customers and media across the country, and garnered numerous awards.

As part of the Waste Less Food effort, Fenugreen is making FreshPaper available at special pricing at four area locations-the two Olympia Food Co-op stores, Bayview Thriftway and Ralph's Thriftway in Olympia. County residents can also get a free pack with any online order at www.fenugreen.com by entering the code "THURSTON" at checkout.

"This partnership with Fenugreen is not only great news for consumers, it's also going to really benefit our community and help local families struggling with hunger," said Thurston County Solid Waste Educator Gabby Byrne. "Fenugreen is donating a packet of FreshPaper to the Thurston County Food Bank for each packet sold in our local stores or with the online code through the end of November. We can't thank them enough for their support of the Waste Less Food campaign and for their investment in the Thurston County community."

Many people are shocked to learn that Americans throw out about 25 percent of the food they buy. For the average family of four, that adds up to about $1,600 a year. It also means wasted natural resources-25 percent of the fresh water used in the United States and 10 percent of our energy goes to produce the food that is wasted. At the same time, one out of every six Americans does not have a secure source of food.

The WasteLessFood project has great tips and tools to shop for, prep, and store your food to help reduce waste. County residents that complete the "Waste Less Food Challenge" will receive a free Food-Saver kit and be entered into a monthly drawing for $100 in free groceries. Visit www.WasteLessFood.com or visit "Waste Less Food - Thurston County" on Facebook to learn more.

Thurston County Solid Waste educators will be at events throughout the spring and summer providing information and giving away FreshPaper samples. They can also provide presentations for offices, schools, churches, or community groups. For more information about local events or to schedule a presentation, contact Gabby Byrne at ByrneG@co.thurston.wa.us or (360) 867-2284.

If you're interested in bringing FreshPaper to your store or produce stand, contact Fenugreen directly at (424) 260-3368 or wholesale@fenugreen.com.



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