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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, October 20, 2014
Allison Osterberg, Thurston County Resource Stewardship Department, (360) 754-3355, x7011

Black Lake Basin Community Workshop Set For October 30
Workshop from 6 to 8 PM

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Thurston County and the Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) will host a Black Lake Basin community workshop on Thursday, Oct. 30, giving residents an opportunity to discuss ways to protect and improve water quality.

The workshop is from 6-8PM at the Kenneydell Park Lodge, 6745 SW Fairview Rd., Olympia. The evening will begin with an open house, followed by a formal project presentation and small-group discussions.

The workshop is part of Guiding Growth-Healthy Watersheds: Science to Local Policy, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant-funded project that focuses on select basins draining into Puget Sound: McLane Creek Basin, Black Lake Basin and Woodard Creek Basin.

The Black Lake Basin includes almost 5,000 acres that drain into one of the largest lakes in Thurston County. The area is impacted by development, with 8 percent of the basin covered by impervious surfaces (e.g., roads and parking lots) and just 44 percent remaining tree canopy. Algal blooms are a recurring and increasing problem in Black Lake. Meanwhile, Black Lake Ditch, which drains the lake at its northern end, violates fecal coliform and dissolved oxygen standards. Future development could increase the amount of impervious surfaces and stormwater runoff, exacerbating water quality issues.

The project team's first step was to understand the three basins' condition by examining development growth patterns and water monitoring data. Next, the team used hydrologic modeling to test how different management actions might affect water quality and flow in the future. Those modeling results were considered along with other studies and community outreach to develop draft options for how the areas could be managed in the future (for example, by changing development regulations or restoring sensitive lands). At this workshop, residents and property owners have a chance to comment on which recommendations to include in a final report for each basin.

The project team hosted a McLane Creek Basin workshop on Oct. 9 and will host a Woodard Creek Basin workshop on Oct. 22. To learn more about the project and October workshops, please contact Thurston County Associate Planner Allison Osterberg. Phone: (360) 754-3355, x7011. E-mail: osterba@co.thurston.wa.us. Project website: www.co.thurston.wa.us/planning/watershed/



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