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Thurston County, Washington

If you plan to be an exhibitor at the 2023 fair, please fill out and submit the appropriate form/s below. Exhibitors may also camp at the fair. See camping request form, camp ground maps and materials below. 

Camping Request Form & Maps

Basic Instructions: The fairgrounds has three types of camping areas. Check the fairgrounds map to see where the campgrounds are located in relation to the fair, and then open the specific campground map to see space numbers and location. 

Form & Fee Due Dates

  • Fair Camping Request opens June 4, 2023 at 7p.m.
  • Requests are digitally time stamped and subsquently assigned in order received.
  • Payments due by June 14, 2022

Camping Fees

  • Electrical camping fee: $126.00
  • Generator camping fee: $82.00
  • Dry camping fee: $82.00