Treasurer News Update - Detail
2020 First Half Property Tax Due Date Extended

2020 first half property tax payments are due June 1, 2020. This is an extension of the traditional April 30 due date for first half tax payments. Thurston County Treasurer Jeff Gadman requests those who are financially able to make their 2020 first half property tax payment early do so to ensure funding for essential services needed now and in the months to come.

Thurston County services vital for responding to the COVID-19 virus, including Public Health and Social Services, fire districts, Medic One, law enforcement, and other emergency services, rely on the timely payment of property taxes for a significant portion of their funding.

Treasurer Jeff Gadman is exercising his emergency authority under RCW 84.56.020(10). Late fees will be waived for individual taxpayers if 2020 first half property tax payments are received or postmarked by June 1, 2020. This change in due date does not apply to intermediaries, including mortgage servicing companies, or for the payment of delinquent prior year property taxes. Payments not received or postmarked by June 1, 2020 are subject to late fees as determined by state law.

"It's a delicate balance trying to assist our property owners affected by this pandemic and ensure our local government operations have funding to continue serving our community.  Property taxes paid on time will help us provide essential services in response to COVID-19 and help offset the revenue we don't receive from those who cannot pay on time," said Treasurer Gadman.

Property Tax Payment Options:

1.   Pay by mail with check, money order or cashier's check made payable to the Thurston County Treasurer, or drop off payment in the silver county drop box located in the parking lot of the County Courthouse. PLEASE DO NOT PAY WITH CASH.

2.   Pay online using a credit card, Visa Debit or e-check. (there is a fee for VISA Debit and Credit Card payments, there is no fee for e-check payments)


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