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Thurston County, Washington

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​Thurston County Equine Outreach (TCEO) is a volunteer organization that transitioned in 2017 from Thurston County Sheriff's Office (Mounted Patrol) to Thurston County Emergency Management (Equine Outreach). This transition occurred due to the changing needs of our community. Our area has experienced wildfires, earthquakes, floods and snowstorms in the recent past. Our volunteers have learned valuable lessons relative to evacuation and emergency response to natural disasters from our neighbors in California. We have used those experiences to develop training and technical assistance to prepare and respond to emergencies that impact the equine community.

People are seldom prepared for natural disasters, often they occur with little or no notice and can be devastating to lives, property, livestock and pets. TCEO reinvented our Mission, Goals, Expectations and Training to meet the needs of our county. Our primary purpose is to assist individual horse/mule owners; private and commercial stables, barns, arenas and training facilities with information to plan for and respond to natural disasters.

If you are interested in serving your community in a critical and important volunteer activity, can meet the TCEO Expectations; Goals, Training qualifications, own or have access to a hose or mule, or want to participate as an unmounted volunteer, please contact us through Emergency Management at 360-867-2800.


To provide support to Thurston County Emergency Management's efforts in events of flooding, fire, earthquakes, inclement weather, wind/snow storms or other natural disasters that result in riders and/or their mounts requiring assistance.

To assist boarding facilities in the planning and development of response plans in the event of a natural disaster or critical incidents.

To provide support and assistance to Search & Rescue operations with knowledge and resources of local riding trails, access points, trail conditions as well as support for riders and or their mounts requiring assistance or transport.

To promote responsible trail use in our county, state and federally designated lands.

To provide training and information on response to natural disasters, emergencies, trail etiquette, trail riding safety and accident prevention.

To provide a friendly and recognizable presence to the community.

To monitor the condition of trails and facilities by periodic trail patrols and reporting emergencies or suspicious activity to local and state authorities.

To assist non-profit organizations during equine events by marking trails, drag/sweep riding, monitoring parking and addressing safety concerns.

To provide education and encouragement to youth in various equine related activities.


​Members must be 18 years of age or older.

Pass Background Check 

Become First Aid and CPR certified.

Complete FEMA Incident Command System Training (IS 100, 200 and 700)

Participate in 16 hours annually of TCEO related training (i.e. backcountry equine first aid, trail challenge, trail etiquette, equitation, safe horse handling, medical response, trailering horses safely, trail riding tips, compass/GPS/map reading skills, land navigation, horse rescue and evacuation, preparation for animals in disaster; emergency shelter training, critical incident response, safety ties and knots for packing, large animal rescue).

Attend monthly meetings.

Participate in one fundraising event annually.

Ensure a Mission Number is obtained from Thurston County Emergency Management for all qualified group activities.

Mounted members:

  • Own or have access to a mount that meets certification requirements
  • Attain Bronze/Level 1 Qualifications Standards with designated mount
  • Ensure the following items are carried when trail riding
    • Human and Equine First Aid Kits
    • Trail maps for purpose of sharing as needed
    • Cell phone and back up battery charger
    • Official TCEO ID Card

Unmounted members assist with all activities of TCEO as interests and skills allow.

Complete a monthly report to collect information; track data; provide research and apply for grants to further support TCEO

  • Volunteer trail hours for the month
  • Description and hours contributed of training, community service, projects and activities related to TCEO Goals

Probationary status in effect until all above requirements are met.

Meeting Schedule

November 28, 2023 6:00 p.m. General Membership Meeting

Free Community Training Opportunity 

Equine Emergency Response Training on Saturday, October 14, 2023 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Thurston County Emergency Management 9521 Tilley Road SW, Olympia, WA  98512

Equine Outreach Emergency Response Training