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Thurston County, Washington

GeoData Center

GeoData staff create custom maps and perform spatial analysis for a fee using county and/or customer provided data. Contact us via phone or email to discuss your project and request a quote.

To request a quote
Call 360-754-4594 or email

Every project is unique The final products may include:

  • A printed map up to 40” x 60”
  • An electronic version of the map
  • Data table of analysis results or mailing lists
  • Spatial data

Map Size Options

  • Standard Letter (8.5" x 11")
  • Legal (11" x 17")
  • Larger Sizes up to 40" x 60"

Fees GeoData services are based on a rate of $96 per hour.

  • Small maps (8.5” x 11”) start at $24 and include 15 minutes of staff time.
  • Large maps (over 11” x 17”) start at $48 and include 30 minutes of staff time.
  • Additional printed copies of custom maps are available for $5 for small maps and $10 for larger maps.

Examples of our work

Custom Samples

Click here to see more examples of Custom Maps