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Thurston County, Washington


I have been afforded the prestigious honor of serving both the citizens of Thurston County and the employees of our Sheriff’s Office. It is my firm belief that happy, healthy employees who are treated with respect and dignity reciprocate that sentiment to the citizens we serve.

As we glance back at the past and advance into the future, it is important to note that policing is not a zero-sum game. Enforcement of criminal activity, transparent operations, safeguarding constitutional rights, compassionate victim’s advocacy, and offender rehabilitation are not mutually exclusive objectives. In fact, I will strongly argue each of these elements are required of a criminal justice system that intends to reach its full potential.

I cannot help but feel a great sense of optimism looking at the future of our Sheriff’s Office. We have everything we need to succeed: a supportive community, hardworking employees, and emerging regional partnerships. Together, we make a formidable team. Together, the vision of unified public safety can become a reality.

We are, and always have been, the ones we have been waiting for to change what we don’t like and improve the things we do. There is no better time to act than today if we want to make Thurston County a better place to work, live, and play tomorrow.