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Thurston County, Washington

District Use Standards for Places of Worship Code Amendment

The Places of Worship development code amendment is a citizen-initiated amendment to current special use code regulations for Places of Worship within residential districts in the Olympia Urban Growth Area (Title 23). The applicant (Thomas Architecture Studio on behalf of Peace Lutheran Church) requests an amendment to the Thurston County Code, Section 23.04.060(21), to revise language so that dwelling units be reviewed as an associated use, and so that associated uses be reviewed and permitted as determined by the jurisdiction, rather than as permitted by the underlying zoning district.

This item was first officially docketed by the Board of County Commissioners in 2020. It is titled "CR-5, Peace Lutheran - Amend District Use Standards for Places of Worship".


Project Updates


Adopted Ordinance:

CR-5 - Adopted Ordinance No. 16126 - Places of Worship