​General Rules and Regulations
Thurston County Fair



​8:30am-3pm​Early entrance and Vet check for 4-H
.....Hicks Lake Barn, Swine Barn, Willuweit Pavilion and Simons Barn
​3pm-5pm​VET CHECK not available. No animals will be allowed to enter the fair at this time.
​5pm-8pm​Later entrance and Vet check for 4-H
.....Hicks Lake Barn, Swine Barn, Willuweit Pavilion and Simons Barn


  1. It is the goal and intent of the Thurston County Fair to promote displays of an agricultural, educational, and family-oriented entertainment nature. All exhibitors and concessionaires shall adhere to these general standards.
  2. The power of general administration and supervision of the Thurston County Fair, including, but not limited to exhibits, entertainment and concessions is vested in the Thurston County Fair, hereinafter called the Management. All business shall be conducted through the Fair office by or his/her designee. Management reserves the right toamend and enforce rules to insure the safety and well being of patrons, exhibitors and exhibits during the fair. The exhibit and grounds area, the parking lot, and camping areas shall hereinafter be called the Fairgrounds.
  3. All concessionaires, exhibitors, and the like shall have the duty to protect the public from hazards which might be caused by their respective concession, exhibit, etc. and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Management and Thurston County against all claims resulting from said concessionaires, and exhibitors, etc., acts or omissions of those of their agents or instrumentalities within their control.
  4. Thurston County Fair will in no case be responsible in any way for any loss, damage or injury of any person or property while the same is on the grounds.
  5. No person shall incur any obligation whatsoever against the Management without first obtaining the written permission of the management. Any person so acting without such permission shall be personally liable for the same.
  6. Overnight sleeping on the Fairgrounds is prohibited except in designated areas.
  7. At 10pm the Fairgrounds officially closes at which time everyone must be off the fairgrounds (exception: camping areas for registered campers) by 11pm. Security officers will direct people towards the gates prior to 11pm; anyone found on the grounds after 11pm will be approached and escorted off the grounds; anyone escorted off the grounds will have their name and fair involvement (visitor, 4-H exhibitor, etc) noted and reported to the Fair Office with the daily security log; all gates will be locked at midnight and a security officer will be stationed at the campers gate until 6am; all security officers will have a cell phone with them with a number that is readily available to people on the fairgrounds; everyone shall be treated equally, whether they are an exhibitor or general public; only persons designated by the management will be allowed to remain with animals after 11pm.
  8. Food consumption is prohibited in the barns and adjacent tack areas. Club potluck meals and banquets should be conducted only in designated areas.
  9. Any person shall be removed from the fairgrounds for:
    1. the use of a controlled substance;
    2. being under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance;
    3. disorderly conduct.
  10. Violation of any of these rules or regulations after an initial warning from the management will be cause for forfeiture of all fees, premiums, and deposits paid and for expulsion from the Fairgrounds for the duration of the Fair, under the power of the Management to maintain and manage the Thurston County Fair, pursuant to Chapter 2.48 of the Thurston County Code.
  11. No pets or other animals, except those on exhibit or assisting physically impaired persons are allowed on the fairgrounds during the Fair.
  12. The Thurston County Fair Board may adopt additional rules pertaining to, but not limited to Fair Board meetings and procedures, entries, premiums, parking, fees, tickets, judges, calendar of events, and areas necessary and pertinent to the governing of the General Rules of the Fair Board as approved by the County Commissioners.
  13. Services and/or materials that are donated on behalf of the Fair become the property of the County and the Fair, and shall be administered by the Management.
  14. The Management has final decision on the location of displays. Any recommendations will be given complete review and consideration.
  15. Disabled persons interested in exhibiting at the Thurston County Fair and who would require assistance to do so, should contact the Fair Office at (360)786-5453.
  16. Raffles: Raffles are limited to a maximum of ) twelve (12) per fair. Four (4) are allowed to the 4-H program, four (4) to FFA, and four (4) for the Open Class Department. 4-H requests shall first be approved by the 4-H Office prior to being submitted to the Fair Board for approval. FFA and Open Class requests may be submitted directly to the Fair Board. The requests need to include information regarding who will be conducting the raffle and where the raffles will be held. Prizes may not include: animals, tobacco products, weapons or alcohol. All raffles shall comply with the requirements and restrictions for raffles as published by the Washington State Gambling Commission. Requests will be reviewed and approved at the February Fair Board meeting. Requests after that date will be approved on a space available system.


  1. No person shall engage in vending or solicitation, nor operate any side show,amusement, game, device, ride or offer for sale any item on the Fairgrounds without obtaining permission from the management. Any person receiving permission will be issued a contract and shall be hereinafter called a "concessionaire".
  2. Management will issue a non-transferable contract on a first come, first serve basis taking into account the record of previous concessionaires and the number of similar types of concessionaires applying for space at the Thurston County Fair.
  3. Every exhibitor, concessionaire and agent shall work only in front of his/her own concession and shall not be over four (4) feet from his/her own concession while working at the Fair (Exception: Roving food concessionaires as approved by Management). Vending and soliciting by those who are not concessionaires is strictly prohibited and such individuals will be expelled from the Fairgrounds for the duration of the Fair.
  4. The posting of advertising matter on the buildings, trees, or other places in the Fairgrounds by concessionaires, exhibitors, or other persons is prohibited; except that concessionaires may post such matter within the confines of their respective booths.
  5. Any concession, exhibition of animals, machinery, or other items, or the like, shall be operated in a manner which does not present a hazard to the safety of a patron or the public in general; or shall any equipment or supplies be used which might pose similar dangers.
  6. All concessionaires or exhibitors serving any food or drink shall comply with the State and local health laws and regulations applicable to the same. They shall hold Thurston County and the Thurston County Fair harmless from any and all claims for loss or damage, costs and expenses arising from or out of serving adulterated, tainted, or impure food or drink. Only products listed in the concessionaire’s application may be sold on approval of the management. Any revision to this list must be in writing and approved by the management.
  7. Concessions shall be open and staffed at all times during Thurston County Fair hours, opening at 10am and must not be closed before the closing hour each day of the Fair unless otherwise directed by Management. (Staffing requirements may be waived if approved during the application process, and if unmanned booth fee is paid in full. Booth must still be open and orderly during fair operating hours.) Violation of this rule will result in denial of contract in succeeding year and/or possible forfeit of deposit. Commercial exhibits may not be removed or dismantled before closing on the final day of the Fair. AND vendors will not be allowed to drive on grounds until 8:30pm on Sunday evening to load up for move out. A refundable deposit is required to insure compliance.
  8. Food concessions will submit their menu with a listing of the retail prices to the Fair Office no later than 30 days prior to the beginning of the Fair. No price changes will be allowed after that date. The prices listed and submitted will remain in effect for the duration of the Fair.
  9. Free Food. The distribution of free food to Fair employees or the exchange of food for services and/or tickets is not allowed.
  10. Contract cancellations must be in writing and received by the Thurston County Fair office no later than the first business day in July or fees will be forfeited.
  11. All exhibitors and concessionaires must keep their premises clean at all times.


  1. Any group may request to sponsor Open Class exhibits by applying to the Management. The sponsoring group is responsible for all arrangements including securing the judges and entries. The Management provides space, ribbons, and will assist whenever possible. Management will evaluate all exhibits and displays annually, and shall determine if exhibits should be continued, combined, or dropped from the Fair.
  2. Protests of any judge’s decision must be in writing, signed and addressed to the management and received by management within forty-eight (48) hours of the alleged violation and be accompanied by a deposit of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars which shall be forfeited if the protest is not sustained. Written protest must state rule violated and what relief is sought.
  3. Exhibitors must supply their own tools for the set up of their exhibit and provide own hay and grain. Exhibitors are responsible for feed and care of own animals every day. Animals must be fed and stalls, pens, cages cleaned by 10am. Youth are responsible for fitting of own animals.
  5. All exhibitors and concessionaires must keep their premises clean at all times (10am - 10pm).
  6. One (1) adult and two (2) exhibitors per species need to be present Wednesday through Saturday 10am - 10pm and Sunday 10am - 7pm.
  7. No animal or other Thurston County Fair exhibit shall be withdrawn from the Fair before the close of the Fair except by special permission from the Management (sick animal--veterinarian).
  8. The Thurston County Fair will pay for initial inspection of livestock, horses, poultry, rabbits, cavies and dogs upon entry to the Fair. (Equine vet check will be conducted within 30 days of Fair, at either the 4-H Pre-Fair Horse Show, or the 4-H Horse Western Games Pre-Fair).
  9. Animal Health Requirements: Thurston County Fair will designate the official fair veterinarians. All animals are required to come to fair in show condition, go through vet check as scheduled by management and be disease and parasite free.
  10. When a new class is added, the first year the exhibit will be for exhibition only, the second year, ribbon only, and the third year it will be eligible for premiums.
  11. If requested, exhibitor must stall animal. Failure to comply with this request will result in forfeiture of right to exhibit. Arbitration on this matter will be decided by superintendent.



Prior to the opening day of the Fair, an exhibitor is responsible for filling out an information card at the Fair Office on which he/she has recorded his/her exhibitor number. No premiums will be issued without a properly assigned exhibitor number.

  1. Please refer to Division Rules for the closing date for all entries.
  2. Livestock, poultry and rabbits must be in place before 9pm on day prior to the Fair.
  3. The Thurston County Fair officially opens at l0am Wednesday, August 1, 2018. All exhibits and display booths must be completed and open by that time.
  4. The Management reserves the right to limit exhibits because of the space available.
  5. The Thurston County Fair officially closes at 8pm on Sunday, August 5, 2018. All exhibits are to be checked out through class or department heads. The premises are to be left clean. All manure/bedding in livestock barns must be pitched out to aisles prior to Sunday departure. Those removing exhibits before designated times may forfeit premium money. Entry stubs must be presented
    to claim entries.
  6. Livestock, horse, poultry and rabbits will be released Sunday night after 7pm as scheduled by the superintendents. Other exhibits may be removed at times specified in the EXHIBITOR’S Guide under each division. NOTE: Fourteen (14) days following the close of the Fair all remaining exhibits become the property of the Thurston County Fair and will be disposed of.
    1. Cattle
      1. Cattle must be tied with an acceptable halter. Rope halters preferred, not show halters. All cattle must be double tied at all times.
      2. No horned animals allowed. No scurs more than 1 inch.
    2. Sheep and Goats
      1. Scrapie Rule WAC 16-89: All goats and sheep are to be tagged, tattooed, or microchipped with Scrapies identification in accordance with the USDA Scrapies Eradication Rules. All exhibitors are required to bring their Flock ID papers as proof of compliance. For further information on registration, call USDA (360)753-9430.
      2. Horned animals must have the horn tips covered at all times as a safety precaution. No horned dairy goats are allowed, and no horned animals will be allowed in the Market Sale. See 4-H Animal Science General Rules for specific 4-H rules.
    3. Poultry
      1. All exhibitors shall certify on their entry form that they have read WAC 16-54-155 Exotic Newcastle Disease (END) Emergency Quarantine. The rule is available at the Thurston County Fair Office and is published on the Fair’s Web site: https://www.thurstoncountywa.gov/fair


Pullorum Testing for Fair Season
The Washington State Department of Agriculture is now requiring all exhibitors of chickens and turkeys to provide certification of testing within 90 days of exhibiting a chicken or turkey that is younger than one year of age. Below is the specific citation of requirements:

In accordance with WAC 16-59-030 (external site) all poultry going to public exhibit, including exotic and game birds, but excluding waterfowl, doves, and pigeons must:

  1. Come from U.S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean or equivalent flocks, as defined in the National Poultry Improvement Plan and Auxiliary Provisions. Title 9 CFR 145.53; (external site) or
  2. Have had a negative Pullorum-Typhoid test within 90 days before going to exhibit.

Exhibitors can meet these requirements by:

  1. Purchasing birds through the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) participating flock; or
  2. Purchasing birds through a feed store; or
  3. Purchasing birds through a hatchery

Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) recommends that exhibitors keep receipts or other documentation that verifies that the birds are from an approved source (you must have it available when exhibiting the birds)


  1. Blood can be drawn by the owner, vet tech or private practitioner and tested by the vet; or
  2. Tested at the Puyallup extension service.

These test results are good for 90 days and you must present the test results when exhibiting the birds. If drawing the blood yourself, please contact WSDA for information on submission of lab samples.

If you would like more information about NPIP in Washington State please contact the Avian Health Program at 1-800-606-3056 or (360) 725-5654 or mgill@agr.wa.gov


  1. The judge’s decision is final except when an exhibit is found to be ineligible.
  2. While judging is in progress, communications with judges and attending clerks shall not be allowed. Any necessary communication shall be made with the superintendent or other designated person.
  3. In Open Class, first premium will be designated by blue ribbons, second premium by red ribbons, third premiums by white ribbons, and anything below will not place unless otherwise specified in the Exhibitor’s Guide under each Division.
  4. Special awards must be presented to the Fair Board for approval prior to printing of Exhibitor’s Guide. Detailed specification of award and sponsors needs to be printed in the Exhibitor’s Guide. Points allowed may not be changed without prior approval of the Fair Board.
  5. Management may withhold premiums and awards from any exhibitor found in violation of Fair rules.
  6. THE FAIR SHALL NOT PAY ANY PREMIUM IF TOTAL IS LESS THAN FIVE DOLLARS ($5.00) PER EXHIBITOR. All exhibitors have the option to waive premiums earned.
  7. Premium money will be paid by check and will be mailed as soon after the closing date of the Fair as possible.
  8. Where there is no competition, or where there are fewer entries in a class than the number of premiums offered, judges at their discretion may award premium of such grades as the exhibit deserves.


Contracts for payment of judges are available at the Fair Office. They must be completed, signed and presented at the Fair Office for payment.