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Thurston County, Washington

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Edison Herron begins position July 2023

OLYMPIA - Thurston County Clerk Linda Myhre Enlow announced the appointment of Edison Herron as Chief Deputy Clerk, effective July 6, 2023. Herron holds a B.A. in Law & Justice from Central Washington University, and has worked for the Thurston County Clerk’s Office for 24 years. Herron started as a file clerk in the Clerk’s Office and worked  various positions within the office and gained valuable experience beneficial for his new appointment.

“I am excited to have Edison Herron serve as Chief Deputy Clerk,” said Myhre Enlow. “He brings significant experience and has been an asset to the Clerk’s office.” 

Heron is replacing Chief Deputy Tawni I. Sharp. Sharp has dedicated her time to serving Thurston County for over 35 years and will retire on July 5, 2023. Sharp’s experience, knowledge, and kindness have been invaluable to the Clerk’s Office and will be missed. The Clerk’s office wishes Sharp the best during her retirement.

Linda Myhre Enlow has worked for Thurston County for 38 years. Myhre Enlow held the appointed Chief Deputy Clerk position for 21 years before becoming the Elected Clerk in 2015.

For questions regarding this appointment, contact: Linda Myhre Enlow, (360) 786-5434

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