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Thurston County, Washington

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volunteers at Burfoot Park

Thurston County’s Burfoot Park is at the center of a collaborative effort between two community service organizations working to tackle the invasive English ivy growing at the park. Eagle Scout Lily Morgan and the IvyBeGone team, headed by Kim Kelley, combined their efforts to address this environmental challenge. This partnership highlights the power of community involvement and our residents’ dedication to environmental conservation.

Lily Morgan, an Eagle Scout from Troop 1920, led a conservation project as part of her Distinguished Conservation Award. She explains, "I selected invasive species control because living on a farm, we've had to deal with invasive species like tansy ragwort. Improving the state of our forests and parks is important to me." 

Lily Morgan's leadership in this project is an inspiring example of young people taking action on environmental issues. She states, "Although fighting the spread of ivy is a continuous process, we’ve already made significant progress.”

Kim Kelley's IvyBeGone team, an initiative under the Boston Harbor Association, has also been working to remove English ivy and restore the park's natural habitat. Kelley shares, "We've recruited volunteers primarily from the Boston Harbor community, and this year, we're expanding our efforts. Working with Lily has been a great experience, and her project has significantly contributed to our progress."

Significant strides have been made in removing English ivy and enhancing the park's biodiversity and tree health. Kelley notes, "With the help of Lily’s project, we’ve almost cleared an acre of ground and saved about fifty trees."

Volunteers hauling ivy from Burfoot Park
Volunteers hauling English ivy from Burfoot Park.


volunteers hauling ivy pulled from Burfoot Park


Kim Kelley extends an open invitation for volunteer participation: "Anyone interested in pulling ivy is welcome. We provide on-site training, and no previous experience is necessary." Community members of all backgrounds are invited to contribute to the park's restoration.

Discussing the logistical aspects, Kelley remarks, "Our biggest challenge was disposing of the ivy. The County has been instrumental in assisting with this, providing us with a truck for disposal, which greatly helped our process.”

The partnership between Lily Morgan's IvyBeGoneForGood project and the IvyBeGone team, supported by Thurston County Parks and Trails, represents a long-term commitment to environmental stewardship. It's a call to action for the community to participate in a cause with lasting environmental and ecological benefits.

Community members can get involved by contacting Kim Kelley at The team meets at Burfoot Park every first and third Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. from October through May. This collaboration is a prime opportunity for individuals to make a tangible environmental impact.

Thurston County Parks and Trails truck full of ivy
Thurston County Parks & Trails truck is full of English ivy pulled by volunteers.
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