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Welcome to the Thurston County Shoreline Master Program (SMP) update. Updated draft materials will be posted to this page as they are prepared.

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Planning Commission SMP Recommendation (August 3, 2022)

Planning Commission Recommendation Letter

     Attachment A: Planning Commission SMP Minority Report 

     Attachment B: Planning Commission SMP Recommendation (Clean Copy)

     Attachment B: Planning Commission SMP Recommendation (Showing Changes Since Public Hearing)

To view the October 20 Planning Commission public hearing on YouTube, visit the County's YouTube page.

View written public comments received since the Planning Commission's public hearing draft was published (PDF):

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Public Comment Matrix

Documents, FAQ Sheets & Other Informational Materials:

Planning Commission SMP Public Hearing Draft Documents (Published August 2021)

Shoreline Master Program Public Hearing Draft (PDF)

Inventory & Characterization Report (PDF)

Inventory & Characterization Supplement (PDF)

Shoreline Environmental Designations (SED) Report (PDF)

Shoreline Environmental Designations Report Supplement (PDF)


1990 SMP - Current (PDF)

2022 SMP - Proposed Updates (PDF) 

1990 & 2022 SED Map Comparison (PDF)

Shoreline Environmental Designations - Proposed Updates (Interactive Web)

Informational Posters

These images and the structures depicted in them are not to scale.

Buffers Overview (PDF)

Mitigation Types (PDF)

Mitigation Examples (PDF)

Permitting a Project (PDF)

We'd love to hear from you! 

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