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LMAR 8.6

‚Äč     (a) Generally. Arbitrators shall be compensated in the same amount and manner as judges pro tempore of the Thurston County Superior Court; provided, however, that the portion of the compensation received from Thurston County shall not exceed $500.00 for any case unless prior approval is granted by the Presiding Judge for good cause shown.

     (b) Compensation. Compensation shall be allowed for time related to decision making functions, including review of the file, research, hearings and preparation of the decision. In addition, an arbitrator is permitted to bill for up to one hour of administrative time to schedule hearings in the proceeding.

[Effective April 1, 1984; amended effective May 1, 1990, March 1, 1995, September 1, 1997, September 1, 2003, September 1, 2005.]