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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, June 2, 2016
Art Starry, starrya@co.thurston.wa.us or (360) 867-2587
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Septic Management Plan Hearing Scheduled

OLYMPIA - The Thurston County Board of Health will hold a public hearing to receive testimony on the recommended updates to the on-site septic system management plan.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 5:30 p.m.
Thurston County Courthouse
2000 Lakeridge Drive SW
Building 1, Room 152

The goal of the plan update is to protect public health and water resources by ensuring that the 53,000 septic systems in Thurston County are properly maintained and that failing systems are identified and repaired.

An advisory committee made recommendations to update the plan in 2014, including the recommendation that the current system of fee collection be replaced by a yearly charge to all residents that own a septic system. The charges estimated to implement the plan range from $22 per year up to $66 per year, depending on where the septic system is located. The plan would fund septic system education to all residents in Thurston County, help staff find and make sure that failing or deficient septic systems are repaired, and ensure that any problems with a home's septic system are corrected before the home is sold.

According to Art Starry, Thurston County Environmental Health Director, "This proposal represents the unanimous recommendations of a diverse committee of stakeholders to update the on-site septic plan in ways benefitting drinking water, lakes, rivers, streams and Puget Sound in ways that are reasonable and equitable. The proposal was the subject of three public meetings held throughout the county in late 2015 and early-2016." The public submitted many comments and questions during the public review process. These were shared with the Thurston County Board of Health, and the proposed plan was modified based on direction from the Board.

Read the entire plan, a summary, comments, and answers to questions that staff have received so far at: www.co.thurston.wa.us/health/ehomp.

For general septic questions, please call the Septic Help Line at (360) 867-2669.

For questions or comments about the proposed septic management plan updates, call (360) 867-2587 or email starrya@co.thurston.wa.us.



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