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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, September 19, 2005
Mark J. Swartout, Community Rating System Coordinator, 360-709-3079

Progress made in implementing Thurston County Flood Hazard Plan

​OLYMPIA -- Thurston County has issued an annual report on the progress implementing the 27 action  recommendations contained in the county's 1999 Thurston County Flood Hazard Management Plan.

This progress report is required as part of the Thurston County 's recertification under the National Flood Insurance Community Rating System.  The rating Thurston County received again this year allows property owners renewing or purchasing flood insurance on or after October 1, 2000, a 25% reduction in their insurance premium. The rating came as part of the county's reverification process with the federal government.

Progress Summary:

  • Most of the Plan's action recommendations call for implementation within the next six-years.
  • None are behind schedule.
  • Eighteen of the 27 actions have been completed (another one partially).  Examples include applying for the Community Rating System program, funding for flood related projects in the County's Capital Facilities Plan, installation of staff gauges along major rivers and tracking of flood elevation certificates for individual homes. In addition, each library in the county has flood management documents, a public outreach mailing was sent to floodplain residents and real estate offices, and allowances were made for enforcement capability for maintaining storm water facilities.
  • Six actions are in progress, many of which pertain to improvements in flood plain mapping.
  • Three actions will be implemented at a later time after completion of other actions.

The seven-page progress report is available to the public by calling Mark Swartout at 360.709.3079.

County Commissioners:

Carolina Mejia
District 1

Gary Edwards
District 2

Tye Menser
District 3