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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, February 25, 2019
Gary Aden, Social Services Program Specialist III, (360) 867-2532 or adeng@co.thurston.wa.us 

Request for Proposals for Social Services Projects in Thurston County
Funding is available to support homeless prevention and affordable housing, Veterans, and mental health and substance use projects

​OLYMPIA – Thurston County Public Health and Social Services (PHSS) is soliciting project proposals for funding under the Office of Housing and Homeless Prevention, the Veterans Assistance Fund, and the Treatment Sales Tax fund. Total funds available are approximately $6,186,000.

The Office of Housing and Homeless Prevention funding is available from the federal HOME Investment Partnerships Act (HOME), Affordable Housing Fund (SHB 2060), Homeless Housing Fund (SHB 2163), State Consolidated Homeless Grant (CHG) fund, State Housing and Essential Needs (HEN) fund and the Community Investment Partnership (CIP). The CIP will review the applications prior to presentation to the Board of County Commissioners. The purpose of the funding is to: (1) Create and preserve decent affordable housing; (2) End homelessness; and (3) provide capital investments which improve the viability, livability, and economic stability of Thurston County communities, particularly low-and moderate-income communities.

Veterans Assistance Fund (VAF) The Thurston County Veterans Assistance Fund provides for the relief of indigent veterans, their families, and the families of deceased indigent veterans as defined in RCW 73.08.005. The intent for this RFP is to provide emergency shelter for Thurston County homeless Veterans and their families, and to offer case management to expedite placement into permanent housing. The Veterans Advisory Board will review applications prior to presentation to the Board of County Commissioners.

Treatment Sales Tax (TST) is a local funding stream that works alongside federal and state funding such as Medicaid to meet mental health and substance use needs in Thurston County.

Members of the TST Advisory Committee and subject matter experts will review those applications prior to presentation to the Board of County Commissioners. TST's overall goals are to (1) improve the quality of life and access to treatment services for Thurston County residents with behavioral health needs, and (2) to reduce entry into or deeper involvement in the criminal justice system for youth and adults with behavioral health needs.

Funding Totals Include:

  • Federal HOME totals approximately $711,000
  • Local funding SHB 2060 totals approximately $250,000
  • Local funding SHB 2163 totals approximately $2,200,000
  • CHG totals approximately $650,000
  • HEN totals approximately $1,600,000
  • VAF totals approximately $75,000
  • TST totals approximately $500,000 (for 2-year contracts)
  • CIP totals approximately $200,000

Projects must be eligible activities as outlined in the application packet.

Application materials are available beginning February 25, 2019 and applications must be received by the County no later than 12:00 PM on Friday April 5, 2019.

A bidder's conference will be held on February 27, 2019 from 2:00 - 4:00 PM at Thurston County Public Health and Social Services, 412 Lilly Rd. NE, Olympia, Conference Rooms 107 and 103.

Applicants can find materials online at: https://www.co.thurston.wa.us/health/admin/funding/index.html


County Commissioners:

Carolina Mejia
District 1

Gary Edwards
District 2

Tye Menser
District 3