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Thurston County, Washington

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The Beaver Creek Land Use & Rezone Amendment or CPA-20 is a citizen initiated Comprehensive Plan Amendment that would amend the land use and zoning designation from Rural Residential/Resource—One Dwelling Unit Per Five Acres (RRR 1/5) to Rural Resource Industrial (RRI). Included in the applicants request is the conservation of 168 acres to open space.

The Rural Resource Industrial (RRI) is to provide areas where industrial activities and uses that are dependent upon agriculture, forest practices and minerals may be located. The district also allows such uses that involve the processing, fabrication, wholesaling and storage of products associated with natural resource uses.

The proposal includes eleven (11) contiguous parcels located at 13333 Case Rd SW, Olympia, WA 98512. The parcels are located south of Maytown Road SW and west of Case Road SW. The Tacoma Railroad train tracks run through the property and Interstate 5 is to the east of the properties. The proposed land use & rezone amendment map is below.


 Beaver Creek Rezone Boundaries

Anticipated Process


Open House

Community Planning hosted an open house on November 8, 2023.


Planning Commission

Planning Commission review will begin in late February / early March.


Environmental Review

A SEPA determination will be issued following a PC recommendation.


Board Review

The Board’s review will follow environmental review. Action on Comprehensive Plan amendments can only take place once a year.

Public Participation

Project Manager: Andrew Boughan, Associate Planner