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Thurston County, Washington

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Community Planning and Economic Development

Resorts & Retreats Code Amendment

Notice of Adoption

March 16, 2021 -  The Board of County Commissioners adopted the Resorts & Retreats ordinance at their regularly scheduled meeting on March 16, 2021 at 3pm. Select the Resorts & Retreats Ordinance to view the signed and adopted ordinance. If you have questions, please contact

Project Description

Thurston County is considering an amendment to the Resorts and Retreat Facilities use and standards in Section 20.54.070 of the Thurston County Code. This amends the special use chapter of the Thurston County Zoning Ordinance. The Resorts and Retreat Facilities use is only permitted as a special use in the Rural Residential / Resource - One Dwelling Unit Per Five Acres (RRR 1/5) zoning district.  Development Code Docket # CR-1 - Cascade Resort Request (Chapter 20.54) is a citizen request by Cascade Camps and Conference Center which the applicants' state, "this proposal represents an opportunity to establish standards that will enable such facilities to offer the full range of standard services, while also eliminating the nonconforming status of all the resorts and retreat facilities in Thurston County that already exceed the current thresholds."



Thurston County currently limits the maximize size, lot coverage, and location of Resorts and Retreat Facilities on parcels zoned RRR 1/5. The use is comprised of two definitions:

  • A "Resort" means a planned unit development used primarily for outdoor recreation that is usually sited in an area with significant natural amenities. The definition of resort does not mean a master planned resort as defined by RCW 36.70A.360(1).
  • and

  • A "Retreat facility" means a lodge or series of buildings with a primary focus on relaxation, rehabilitation, religion and/or recreation that is usually sited in an area with significant natural amenities.

Document Center

Adopted Ordinance:

CR-1 - Adopted Ordinance No. 15999 - Cascade Resorts