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Thurston County, Washington

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Community Planning and Economic Development

Splash 2024

Just one storm can dump millions of gallons of water on our county.

As this water flows over our yards, roads, and buildings, it collects things you wouldn't want to touch or drink. Things like oil from leaking cars, poisons and chemicals from lawns, and animal (or sometimes even human) waste. Even dirt and dead plants can create problems as they are moved to other places by the water. 

Our job is to help manage this "runoff." We do this by helping to move and slow down the water flow, before it damages homes, businesses, or our natural resources that we all depend on.  

We help build and maintain the public network of storm drains, ditches, pipes, ponds, and other related systems across our County. We also work hard to help everyone do their part to make sure that only rain goes down storm drains.

Read Splash, the Thurston County Stormwater Utility Newsletter!

Cover of the Stormwater Utility Newsletter depicts two young adults, a man and woman, kneeling down by a creek.
Read Splash and find out how to manage stormwater on your property; use our tool lending library; and get free trees!