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Thurston County, Washington

Emergency Management

​Local faith organizations meet quarterly to discuss disaster planning for their organizations and for the county.

The meetings are generally held each April and October.

Next Meeting:


What can your church or organization do in advance to support emergency preparedness?

Prepare your church or organization

​Develop and practice an evacuation plan for your facility.

Develop a continuity of operations plan for your organization.

  • Business Continuity Worksheet
  • Reciprocal Arrangement
  • Business Continuity Presentation
Prepare your members to be on their own for 3 days
  • ​Request an emergency preparedness workshop
  • Have a Standard Plug-in Telephone
  • Message from Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
  • Crisis Counseling
  • Prepare Yourself
Other steps you can take to prepare
  • ​Make and distribute preparedness kits for low income members. For a list of resources, click here.
  • Train congregation members to utilize Amateur Radio.
  • Use prayer circles and phone trees to do wellness checks on vulnerable members after a disaster or storm. Take this one step further-have a plan to go in person to check on your most vulnerable members if phone services have been out for a prolonged period of time.
  • Sign up to be an American Red Cross Shelter location. Contact the local American Red Cross office at 360-352-8575 for more information.
  • Sign up to be a staging area for Search & Rescue operations.
Do you want more information? Contact our office at 360-867-2800.