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Thurston County, Washington

Emergency Management

The Thurston County Disaster Assistance Council was formed through a cooperative agreement to bring together humanitarian service organizations, other community organizations, and private and governmental agencies. 

The council was established following the record breaking floods in 1996.  During that flood event, hundreds of calls from individuals and businesses were received offering services to help disaster victim’s recover from the flood.  Such services included cleaning and repairing homes, clearing land, repairing vehicles, providing building materials, preparing food, providing childcare, animal care and providing transportation.   Additionally, hundreds of calls were received from victims requesting assistance.

The purpose of the council is to establish policies and procedures and organize disaster assistance in the most economical and effective manner. Through the efforts of the of the members of the Disaster Assistance Council, there can be a cooperative effort to offer timely and expeditious assistance to victims of a disaster.  The Disaster Assistance Council works in conjunction with the Emergency Management Council of Thurston County.

To learn more about the Disaster Assistance Council, please email