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Thurston County, Washington

Emergency Management

Graphs for All Rivers

Note: Flood prediction is not an exact science. Although gauge readings and historical data are excellent forecasting tools, please remember that rivers continually change. There are also local factors that can contribute to flooding such as stream and creek discharge into a river, snowmelt and damming caused by fallen trees and other debris. Therefore, during flood situations floodplain residents should not rely solely on gauge readings and historical flood levels, but should keep an eye on the river and stay tuned to local media reports.

During flood situations, Thurston County Emergency Management posts additional information and media releases on its emergency information page.

Black River

Gage at US Highway 12 - River Mile 2

Chehalis River

Gage near Grand Mound at Prather Road Bridge - River Mile 59.9
Gage at Centralia - River Mile 65
Gage Near Doty

Deschutes River

Gage near Rainier Vail Loop Bridge, River Mile 25.9

Nisqually River

Gage at McKenna, River Mile 21.8
Gage at La Grande, River Mile 40.4

 Skookumchuck River

Gage Four Miles Downstream from Bucoda
Gage in Centralia at PearlStreet Bridge
Gage below Bloody Run Creek, Eight Miles Upstream of Bucoda