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Thurston County, Washington

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Pretrial Services

Diversion Services

Diversion Office Phone: 360-786-5208


The Thurston County Pretrial Services Diversion Program is a voluntary behavioral health eligibility-based pre-charge and post-charge diversion program within the pretrial services department that serves individuals that are going to be (Pre-charge) or have been charged (Post-Charge) with a crime before they are charged or convicted of the crime, a person has a chance to have their charges dismissed or reduced if they complete the program.  

Pretrial Services Diversion is Treatment Sales Tax-funded, which provides services to justice-involved individuals with behavioral health disorders at no to low cost for the individuals. 


Eligibility's guided by risk and needs assessments for individuals when diversion is the most appropriate option.

  • The Diversion Officer will: 
  • Complete a needs assessment 
  • Identify the core factors resulting in illegal behavior 
  • Connect community resources and programs
  • Develop a supervision plan for the length of the Diversion Agreement. 
Referral Process:

Attorney(s) fills out our Diversion Program Referral form and email it to Andre Clark.

Digital Diversion Referral Form (Word)

Digital Diversion Referral Form (PDF)


The Diversion Officers will:

  • Reach out to the client.
  • Complete a needs assessment.
  • Identify the core factors resulting in illegal behavior.
  • Contact the Attorney and make them aware of eligibility results. (Flagged Needs)
Program Enrollment

The Attorneys will:

  • Develop the length of the Pretrial Services Diversion Agreement with the flagged needs.   
  • Review Pretrial Services Diversion Agreement Checklist
  • Schedule Diversion Entry hearing
  • Email Pretrial Services Diversion Checklist and email to Pretrial Services Diversion Team. 
***Intake appointment completed within five (5) business days of enrollment*** 

Upon successful completion of the Pretrial Services Diversion Program: 

  • Pre-charge: the prosecutor will drop the case when the diversion program is completed.
  • Post-charge: the prosecutor will drop the charges. The judge will then dismiss the case.


Program Goal:

Keeping support systems within the community available and involved, instead of incarceration, aid in reducing the stigma attached to criminal convictions while holding the defendant accountable for their actions and ensuring the victim has been restored. As well as promoting public safety, reducing prison, jail, and probation populations, reducing prosecution and incarceration costs, reducing recidivism, and improving the well-being of the participant and their family.


Pretrial Service Diversion Documents

Pretrial Services Diversion Agreement (Felony)

Thurston County Pretrial Services Diversion Checklist (Felony)

Pretrial Services Diversion Agreement (Non-Felony)

Thurston County Pretrial Services Diversion Checklist (Non-Felony)