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Thurston County, Washington

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Prosecuting Attorney

Mission Statement

The Prosecuting Attorney's Office performs its constitutional and statutory duties by serving as a highly skilled and innovative legal team advocating for public safety, seeking justice in criminal cases for victims and those accused, representing the interests of children, and providing effective legal services to Thurston County government.

The Role of the Prosecuting Attorney

The role of the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's Office is to prosecute misdemeanor and felony crimes throughout the county. Our office works diligently to seek justice for crime victims, enforce the rights of children entitled to child support, and serve as legal representative for Thurston County Government.

In 2022, our team of 35 lawyers and 47 support staff filed 1,049 felony cases (335 felony domestic violence cases and 66 felony sexual assault and/or child abuse cases), 2,430 misdemeanor cases (245misdemeanor domestic violence cases), and 180 juvenile cases. We diverted 167 defendants to therapeutic court programs, 16 defendants to DUI court, 48 defendants to Mental Health court, and 22 defendants to Veterans court. Our office also processes over 1,800 child support cases each year and serves as a law firm for all Thurston County Government offices.

In addition to performing these essential duties, we are committed to being proactive in our mission by partnering with local government and community organizations to prevent crime, increase public safety, and support for victims. We recognize that today's investments in education, mentoring, and other support services for children and families will yield significant returns in the form of less crime, reduced costs for criminal justice and social services, and an overall improvement in the quality of life for all Thurston County residents.