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Thurston County, Washington

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Public Works

Photo of Ralph Munro Trail

Our Trails

Thanks to the efforts and creativity of Thurston County staff and support from city, state, and federal agencies, the vision of a trail system linking urban and rural Thurston County is becoming a reality! 

There are 47.5 miles of recreational trail corridors, with further expansion plans as funding is available. There are mileposts every half mile, each with a QR code that links to the trail site for closure updates and maintenance information. 

See information and trailhead locations below.

Trails Are for Everyone - Share the Trail

Be kind when using the trails. They are for everyone to enjoy. Follow these guidelines to make time on the trail pleasant for all.

  1. Keep right, pass left, and maintain a safe distance. Stay to one side of the trail. Check before changing position on the trail. 
  2. Trail Speed is limited to 15 mph. Slow down when approaching or passing slower trail users. 
  3. Be heard using your voice or a bell before passing others from behind. 
  4. Tune in and avoid wearing headphones. You need to hear others on the trail. 
  5. Be alert to horses using the trail.  All trail users should slow to a stop and yield to horses. 
  6. Stopping? Look behind before you stop, and always move to the side of the trail when resting. 
  7. Pets are welcome while in control and on a leash.  Please pick up after them.
  8. Check for closures on this page before you leave. 
  9. Pack it in - Pack it out by taking all trash and pet waste. There are no trash cans along the trail. 
  10. Pass it on by sharing this information with your children and out-of-town visitors.

While using the trails, you may encounter uneven surfaces, debris, or other obstacles. Please be careful. Report any down branches, limbs or other safety concerns to the Public Works office at 360-867-2300.

Equestrian use on the Chehalis-Western trail is permitted south of Fir Tree Road and north of South Bay Road.
Equestrian use on the Yelm-Rainier-Tenino trail is permitted on the entire trail. 

Equestrian paths run parallel to the paved trail. For the safety and enjoyment of all trail users, horseback are encouraged to use the equestrian path.


Chehalis Western Trail

Trail Map

The Chehalis Western Trail is a 22-mile paved path for cycling, running, and walking and a dirt path for horse riding. The trail runs north-south and stretches from Puget Sound at Woodard Bay to Vail in southeast Thurston County. The trail also connects with Yelm Tenino Trail, running east-west in south Thurston County. Each section of the trail is unique and offers access to 170 acres of parks in diverse ecosystems.  

While there are many places to enter the trail, there are only a few county-owned and maintained trailheads. Below is a list of the county-owned trailheads and links to maps with the location pinned on them.

Trailheads with parking, restrooms and picnic areas:

  • Chambers Lake Trailhead           

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  • Woodard Bay

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Trailheads with parking and restrooms

  • Monarch Sculpture Park

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  • 41st Ave NE

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  • Fir Tree Road

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Trailheads with parking only:

  • 67th Ave Trailhead

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​Yelm Rainier Tenino Trail

Trail Map  

The Yelm Rainier Tenino Trail is a paved 14.5-mile path running east-west through southern Thurston County. It intersects with the Chehalis Western Trail, connecting the communities of Yelm, Rainier, Tenino, Tumwater, Lacey, Olympia, and Woodard Bay on Puget Sound.

The trail begins near Yelm City Hall, passes near Wilkowski Park in Rainier, and ends at Tenino City Park, featuring views of the Deschutes River west of Rainier and of McIntosh Lake near Tenino. The trail provides views of the forest and agricultural lands, wetlands, creeks, and other habitat types.

Trailheads and Nearby Facilities

Yelm - Parking, picnic tables, and an information kiosk are behind the Boys and Girls Club at Railroad St. and W Yelm Ave. 

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Public restrooms are available across 1st St. at Yelm City Park. Check the website for hours.

Rainier - New paved parking area on the corner of Minnesota St. and Rochester St. behind Rainier Market.

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Public restrooms are available at City Hall on the corner of Center St. and Rochester St., and seasonal restrooms at Wilkowski Park - 1/2 mile east on the trail.

Tenino - Parking at the Tenino City Park on W Park Ave. 

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The park includes restrooms, picnic tables, athletic fields, playground equipment, a pool, and grass field space.  This park also has a bike service station with air and tools. 

​Ralph Munro Trail

The Ralph Munro Trail (formerly McLane Nature Trail) goes north from Mud Bay Road NW  along the Evergreen Parkway to the entrance to the Evergreen State College.  

The paved multi-use trail is popular with walkers, bikers, and runners. This trail has been used for educational projects to plant wildflowers and birdhouses. These additions have made this area attractive to birds and bird watchers. 

There is no designated parking area, but street parking is available on both 11th and 17th Ave NW, where they intersect the Evergreen Parkway. 

​Gate Belmore Trail

The Gate to Belmore railroad line was acquired in 1996 by the County and is not currently developed for public use. This corridor links the urban trail system from Tumwater near Kenneydell Park with the south county communities of Gate and Rochester. When developed, the 12.5-mile trail will offer access to the Black River and run adjacent to the Black River-Mima Prairie Glacial Heritage Preserve and Black River Natural Area just south of Littlerock.

​Other Trails in Thurston County

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Trails Studies

Gate-Belmore Trail Connectivity Study - Thurston County Public Works

SW Thurston County Trail Feasibility Study - Thurston Regional Planning Council

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