Thurston County facilities are now open to the public with restrictions, including maintaining physical distancing of at least six feet at all times and, per the Washington State Secretary of Health’s face covering order wearing a cloth face covering or mask. If you come to county facilities, please be prepared for potentially long wait times or lines due to distancing guidelines. We continue to encourage residents to access county services online, by phone, by email, or through the use of drop boxes located outside of county buildings.
The availability of remote services vary by office and department.

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Public Records
How to Submit a Public Records Request Using the Online Portal:

​You can submit a public records request online to the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's Office through the Public Records Request Portal.

When making your request please be as specific as possible so we can conduct a thorough and accurate search. If you are seeking records relating to a particular criminal case, please provide the defendant's name, a case number, and approximate date of incident, if possible.

Alternative Means of Submitting a Public Records Request:

​If you prefer not to use the online portal, please direct your request to the Public Records Coordinator. For additional information, please see the procedure for requesting documents here. The request form is available here as a word document or here as a PDF document. Copies of the request form are also available at the Prosecutor's Office located on the 2nd floor of Bldg. 2 of the Thurston County Courthouse Complex, 2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW, Olympia, WA 98502.

If you wish to email your request, it will only be accepted at the official Thurston County Public Records Request e-mail address. As of October of 2010, the County's e-mail system limits e-mail attachments to 20 megabytes. The County's e-mail system capacity may change without notice. The County does not warrant or in any way guarantee the accuracy or completeness of electronic records.

​Posted Public Records:

EEOP Utilization Report

Agreements for Services:

City of Tumwater
The City of Tumwater has contracted with the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's Office to provide criminal prosecution services for Tumwater's misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenses. In addition to reviewing and charging appropriate offenses for the City of Tumwater, the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's Office provides victim advocacy services to domestic violence victims.

You can read the agreement here.

City of Rainier
The City of Rainier has contracted with the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney's Office to provide criminal prosecution services for Rainier's criminal misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenses, criminal traffic misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor, and contested traffic infractions.

You can read the agreement here.