Public Access is Closed to Most County Facilities Due to COVID-19.

In response to Governor Inslee's Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, Thurston County has moved to an essential services model, in effect
through Monday, April 6, 2020. Courts and other elected offices may operate under different hours or restrictions.

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Email your lawyer
  • Click on Department Attorneys
  • When you find your lawyer's name, click the link to send an email
  • Never discuss confidential or sensitive information about your case by email
  • Please don't use email to schedule an appointment. Instead, call our office at (360) 754-4897 to speak to a receptionist and make an appointment
About Court Dates
  • Preliminary Hearing: If in custody, the prosecutor has 72 hours (3 business days) to file charges. The 72 hour rule does not apply when the person is released.
    • The judge determines if there is Probable Cause (PC)
    • The judge sets Conditions of Release, and the client either is released on personal recognizance (PR) or required to post bail
  • Arraignment
    • Client pleads “guilty” or “not guilty” (TCPD advises all clients to plead “not guilty” at this stage)
    • The court schedules pretrial, omnibus, and trial dates
  • Pretrial and Omnibus
    • Lets the court know what the attorney and client are planning (Change of Plea, Trial, etc)
  • Status Conference (Wednesday before the trial)
    • Lets the court know whether or not the attorney and client are ready to go to trial the following week


"To Defend and Protect Our Clients' Constitutional Rights, One person at a Time."​


"Thurston County Public Defense will provide high quality representation for our clients, and pursue justice on their behalf, through ethical, professional, Client-Centered practices."








**Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, public access to all County facilities is now closed until April 3, 2020.  Listed below you will find alternate contact information for your assigned attorney. This will be the most effective way to reach your attorney.  You may call your attorney on the numbers listed below during normal business hours of 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Do not contact anyone else but your assigned attorney.  Unassigned attorneys will not speak with you regarding your case.  If you don't know who your assigned attorney is please call our office at (360) 754-4897.**



Attorney NameAlternate Contact Number
Ahmed Jenkins(360) 968-0557
Alex Frix(360) 968-0562
Andrew Yi(360) 968-0565
Angela Colaiuta(360) 968-0563
Brian Gerhart(360) 968-0564
Christian Cabrera(360) 968-0560
Danielle Walker(360) 485-2951
Eric Pilon(360) 968-0576
Eric Schuler(360) 968-0566
Jason Schuyler(360) 968-0556
Jenna Norden(360) 490-9037
Jeri Simmons(360) 968-0558
John Hansen(360) 968-0568
Kevin Griffin(360) 401-9583
Larry Jefferson(360) 490-8716
Luke Swinney(360) 968-0561
Philip Griffith(360) 968-0554
Rick Petersen(360) 968-0559
Robyn Martin(360) 742-2492
Sarah Stabenow(360) 490-4825
William Trondsen(360) 968-0567
Zelena Jones(360) 490-6680


​Thurston County Public Defense carries out the United States and Washington State Constitutional guarantee that all people accused of crimes who are unable to afford a lawyer will receive effective legal representation. Thurston County Public Defense also represents low-income youth accused of a crime, parents in dependency proceedings, and adults facing civil commitment. Our office has a dedicated team of lawyers and professional staff committed to providing our community the very best public defense.


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