Low Impact Development (LID) Code Amendment

The Low Impact Development (LID) Code Amendment or Development Code Docket Item A-7 is a proposal that would amend development regulations related to land use and stormwater strategies within Title 20 - Zoning, Thurston County Code. This is a limited-focus review of some portions of the LID codes adopted in 2016. The proposal will correct inconsistencies and existing regulations that are not practical to meet or implement. 

Scope of the Project

At a meeting on April 23, 2020, the Board of County Commissioners directed staff to review existing Low Impact Development (LID) Code regulations adopted in 2016, with a narrow focus on addressing inconsistencies and regulations that are not practical to meet. The Board specified four (4) aspects to review as part of this proposal:

  • Allow hard surface credits to be applied for lots 2.5 acre or less;
  • Lots needing long access driveways;
  • Ken Lake Special Overlay District; and
  • 10% impervious surface limits on large rural lots.

There may also be associated changes included with these amendments, such as new definitions, updated references, and process improvement changes that will simplify the overall review process for the property owner. 


LID Timeline.JPG

**The project timeline is tenatitive and subject to change.

Public Participation Opportunity 

Thank you for your interest in the A-7 - Low Impact Development (LID) Code Amendment docket item. If you would like to participate in the public process, please click Comment on the Low Impact Development (LID) Code Amendment to provide comments on this proposal.

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12/01/2021: A-7 - PC Public Hearing Draft Ordinance- LIDA-7 - PC Legal AD Proof - LIDA-7 - PC Staff Report- LID

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