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Thurston County, Washington

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Community Planning and Economic Development

Properties Already Inspected for Gophers

Depending on the result of your completed gopher inspection, your permit application may be processed using the regulations in effect at the time gopher inspection was completed, or new Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) processes may apply.

  • Negative Inspection Results: No Gophers. 
    You might not be required to use the county’s HCP permit process if your property had a fully completed gopher inspection with an approved negative screening result meeting the criteria below.
    • A Critical area Determination was issued in the past three years.
    • The development permit/authorization remains valid and there are no changes to the site plan approved. 
  • Positive Inspection Results: Occupied 
    Your permit application will be processed with the county’s HCP regulations if your completed gopher inspection showed the property as occupied– even if another inspection showed a different result. Under the federal permit issued to the county after its HCP was approved July 1, 2022, all previous county agreements, exemptions, extensions, allowances for additional site surveys, or new results are invalidated.
  • Properties Not Inspected
    First, find out of your property has gopher or other HCP-species habitat* by checking the online county Property Maps and scroll down to Property Critical & Environmental Areas Look Up for instructions. Then, visit the Permit Applications & Forms and scroll down to HCP for the permit application and process.

*Habitat areas are shown on the county's HCP map. Soils are noted as "More Preferred" or "Less Preferred." 

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