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Thurston County, Washington

Community Planning and Economic Development

The Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) is the County’s response to the federal Endangered Species Act listing of several animals in Thurston County. The plan will save building permit applicants the extra step of getting federal permits in addition to county permits if their building project impacts listed species. 

The HCP Covers these projects & species

Covered Activities

  • Residential.
  • Commercial.
  • Public services.
  • Capital projects.

    Project Timeline

    Dates Project Actions
    January 2023 HCP Permitting Begins
    Q4 2022 Board of County Commissioners Review & Adoption
    Q3 2022 Public Feedback on the Proposed Ordinance
    Q2 2022 Federal regulators approve County HCP & Issue an Incidental Take Permit
    Q2 2014-2022 HCP Preparation