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Thurston County, Washington

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Community Planning and Economic Development

The Countywide Study of Industrial Lands (Industrial Lands Assessment) or Comprehensive Code Docket Item CPA-8 is a comprehensive review of all industrial lands within rural Thurston County and urban growth areas. The Industrial Lands Assessment was prioritized by the Board of County Commissioners as 3 out of 9 comprehensive plan amendment proposals. The purpose of the study is to determine whether an adequate supply of industrial lands exists to accommodate demand. The study will cover economic trends, review existing supply, and address three growth scenarios over the next 20-years. Each scenario will be accompanied by recommended changes to policies and regulatory requirements. Based on the assessment findings, the contractor will identify potential areas for rezoning and changes to the possible infrastructure investments and regulatory provisions. 



  • Jul-Aug 2022: Request for Proposal open from Jul 29-Aug 26.
  • Aug-Sep 2022: Internal review and award contract.
  • Oct 2022-2023: Industrial lands assessment.
  • 2023: Board of County Commissioners engagement.


Public Participation

Thank you for your interest in the Industrial Lands Assessment. If you would like to contact the project manager, please submit your questions in the Questions on the Industrial Lands Assessment portal. If you're interested in being added to an interested parties email list, please sign up under the "Industrial Lands Assessment” constant contact list.



RFP / RFQ Webpage

Comprehensive Plan Docket

Development Code Docket



CPA-8 - Request for Proposal (RFP) - Industrial Lands