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Thurston County, Washington

Community Planning and Economic Development

Thurston County’s Community Agriculture Program celebrates the region’s rich agricultural history and promising future by:

  • Protecting farmland and supporting farmers through innovative policy and code updates
  • Helping farmers navigate county permit processes and access land conservation programs
  • Helping farmers maintain productive farms, while protecting the environment
  • Working alongside our regional partners to support a healthy and viable agricultural economy

Program Elements

  • ACTIVE NOW - Agriculture Zoning Update - Update Long-Term zoning protections for Agriculture of Commercial Significance (Docket Item CPA-16). 
  • Agricultural Activities in Critical AreasDevelop a conservation planning approach for new agricultural uses (Docket Item A-18).
  • Farm Open Space and Transfer of Development Rights Program Updates – Update Thurston County’s land conservation incentive programs.
  • Voluntary Stewardship Program - A program that balances the protection and enhancement of critical areas with maintaining and improving the long-term viability of agriculture.
  • Agricultural Land Conservation Incentive Programs – A collection of programs that incentivize landowners to keep their property in agricultural use.


Public Participation

Community Agricultural Resources

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Community Agriculture Program Manager can help answer specific questions about your farm.