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Thurston County, Washington

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Community Planning and Economic Development

Notice of Adoption

On October 31, 2023, the Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance #16311 known as the Wireless Code Update. The adopted amendments include changes to Chapter 20.03 Definitions and Chapter 20.54 Special Use and a complete repeal and replacement to Chapter 20.33 Wireless Communication Facilities. The effective date is January 1, 2024, to allow staff time to implement the changes needed to accommodate the ordinance and administrative policy.

Adopted Ordinance: Ordinance #16311 - Wireless Code Update


The wireless code establishes the permitting process for numerous types of wireless facilities, the criteria for approval, and the design guidelines for each type of facility. An update to the wireless code is required for compliance with the Federal Telecommunications Act and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which has adopted multiple orders over the years that impose new and restrictive conditions on local control. Updating the code allows the County to preserve the ability to assert the remaining authority in reviewing wireless facilities. The timeline for adoption of the draft code is based not on a calendar deadline but on the need to fill the gap where the County does not have a code in place to request any requirements beyond the determinations made by the FCC.

Questions? Email the project manager, Andrew Boughan.