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Thurston County, Washington

Power has been restored to County Offices at the Atrium building.

Power has been restored at the County Offices at the Atrium building, 3000 Pacific AVE SE. Services have resumed. Our apologies for any inconvenience. 

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Community Planning and Economic Development

2024-2025 Dockets Update

2024-2025 Comprehensive Plan and Development Code Docket update: a biennial review and refresh to Community Planning’s list of projects over the next two years. 

  • Comprehensive Plan Docket contains proposed changes to things like zoning, and/or visionary policies. 
  • Development Code Docket contains proposed changes to what you can do with your land and the types of permits you may need. 

Each year, Thurston's Board of County Commissioners reviews the preliminary list of proposed projects to decide which will go on the Official Docket for public review. Items not completed by end of year may be included in next year's Preliminary Docket. When the Board opens the docket, they have the discretion to add, put on-hold, or remove any proposed project.

Add, on-hold, or remove


Anticipated Timeline


Introduction to Docketing

January 31, 2024

Description of the 2024-2025 docket process & timeline, overview of docket proposals, and staff resources & funding considerations.

Meeting Materials | YouTube Video


Project Overview

February 14, 2024

Review all projects that are ongoing, on the preliminary dockets, and new submittals being considered for the 2024-2025 Comprehensive Plan and Development Code Dockets.

Meeting Materials | YouTube Video


20-Day Comment Period

February 23 to March 14

Open comment period for all projects being considered for the docket. 


Docket Decisions

March 25, 2024

Board of County Commissioners decide which projects are added to the Comprehensive Plan and Development Cods dockets, added to the preliminary dockets, or removed from further consideration. 

Meeting Materials | YouTube Video


Docket Prioritization

March 27, 2024

Board of County Commissioners reviews all docketed projects and orders them based on the Board's priority. 

Meeting Materials | YouTube Video

Public Participation Opportunity

Thank you for your interest in the 2024-2025 Comprehensive Plan and Development Code Docket update. More information on each of the projects can be found below under the Docket Overview section. If you would like to participate in the public process, please provide your comments in one of our comment forms below: 

Docket Overview: Proposed Projects

Proposed Project Description
Shoreline Master Program Update – Final Action County-Initiated Project
Olympia UGA Joint Code Update County-Initiated Project
Tumwater UGA Joint Code Update County-Initiated Project
Lacey Joint UGA Code Update County-Initiated Project
Forest Lands Conversion Code Update County-Initiated Project
Transfer of Development Rights Program Update County-Initiated Project
Review SEPA Comment Period Timelines County-Initiated Project
Permit Review Process Annual Update (Appeals & Docket) County-Initiated Project
Less Restrictive Alternative Community Housing Code Update County-Initiated Project
New Uses and Related Standards Annual Update County-Initiated Project
Code Clarifications and Corrections Annual Update County-Initiated Project
Natural Landmark Program Applicant-Initiated Project
Cannabis-Related Code Amendments Applicant-Initiated Project
Shooting Zones (Non-GMA project) Applicant-Initiated Project
Fireworks Provisions (Non-GMA project) Applicant-Initiated Project

Public Comment Received

Comments submitted through Survey Monkey will automatically update in the links below: