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Thurston County, Washington

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Prosecuting Attorney

Who We Are

We are a multi-disciplinary and multi-system based group working together to prevent sexual and domestic violence in our community. Our membership includes individuals from law enforcement, the courts, prosecutors and private attorneys, advocates, service providers, health care and mental health providers, children’s services, adult protective services, youth programs, batterer’s intervention programs, first responders (Fire/EMS), school professionals, businesses and others from our community that simply want to lend a hand.

Our Mission

To strengthen Thurston County's ability to end sexual and domestic violence.

Our Vision

To live in a county free from domestic and sexual violence.

Our Goals

  • Provide the opportunity for individuals and agencies within our own community to come together on a regular basis to network, learn about services and resources, train each other, identify system gaps and promote collaboration on ending sexual and domestic violence.
  • Research/identify, coordinate and promote effective community interventions that minimize domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Influence the systems we work with to produce a continuum of prevention and response that raises standards of care/services for all victims to increase victim safety and perpetrator accountability.
  • Promote education and training to community residents, agencies, businesses, schools and other entities to include providing an annual conference or summit in our own community.
  • Annually assess our own structure and goals.  Serve as a consultant body for review of legislative and policy issues.
  • Make ourselves available as an educated body to consult with individuals and/or agencies in order to provide assistance, education and/or support in the overall goal of ending sexual and domestic violence.


The 1st Tuesday of the month      

Zoom meeting link

Meeting ID: 309 462 6664

Contact Task Force Chairs

Email Esmeralda Triplett or Noelle Green if you are interested in attending the meetings or want to learn more.