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Thurston County, Washington

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Public Works

Photo of multifamily garbage area


Printable Recycling Guide for Residents

This recycling guide is free to download, or hard copies with attached magnets can be requested for free by emailing These guides are a great resource to offer to new or existing residents. Give residents hard copies, or attach a digital copy to an online newsletter. Click here to view a printable guide.

Informing Residents

  • Provide a move-in tour. Before move-in, walk residents to the areas where they should bring garbage and recyclables. Ensure that tenants know where their recycling/garbage receptacles are located by providing a site map with all enclosures marked and include this in their move-in packet and online. Whenever a resident is moving in or out, offer them a copy of the Low-Waste Moving Guide. This guide provides an overview of how to manage unwanted materials when decluttering or downsizing, as well as suggestions for reducing waste while packing and unpacking. 
  • Provide Ongoing Education. Remind residents on a regular basis about your community's recycling program through newsletters, emails, and posted flyers. Consider a Community Green Team made up of residents and staff to address common issues and motivate change.
  • Update bin stickers. Stickers on recycling bins help residents identify which bins to use to properly dispose of their materials. Stickers with images and words make it easy for everyone to participate properly. Request new stickers to replace any faded, damaged, or outdated labels. Email your request to

Changing Your Garbage & Recycling Services

  • Need More or Fewer Pickups? Request changes to your account by contacting your waste hauler .
  • Request on-site assistance.
    Right size your services— Professionals will review your current service levels, perform visual assessments, and suggest the appropriate changes for improvements in: amount of containers, pick-up frequency, enclosure improvements, and cost savings.
  • You already pay for recycling and glass collection
    Collection services for mixed recyclables and glass bottles and jars are already included with garbage collection at no extra cost for multifamily properties in Thurston County. Learn more about the minimum level of service for residential recycling collection in Thurston County: Thurston County Ordinance 13696. This ordinance applies to properties where:
    1. The owner or manager receives the entire solid waste bill, instead of having residents billed individually by the hauler.
    2. One of the following:
      • The property contains two or more residences with the units joined to one another.
      • The property is a mobile home park with two or more spaces or pads for residential purposes.

For owners and managers, the ordinance may mean a big cost savings. Recycling services cost much less than garbage disposal, so the more residents recycle, the higher the savings. Since facility costs are eventually passed down to residents, recycling may help everyone save money. Review the Recycle Right Property Manager Toolkit for tips on setting up and managing a recycling program at your property.

Bulky Item Disposal

Bulky items may occasionally need to be disposed of by residents. This is particularly common during move-in and move-out. Bulky items are generally defined as any item that is too large to fit in your garbage or recycling containers. Common items include furniture, appliances, and automobile parts. Advise your residents not to dump these items in your service area. Instead, recommend these options for bulky item disposal:

1. Donate unwanted bulky items that are still in good condition to thrift or reuse stores. A list of local businesses that accept bulky items for donation can be found by searching the Where Do I Take My? online directory for your specific items. 

2. Drop off bulky items for disposal at any of the three drop-off locations in Thurston County for a fee. Find more information about these facilities here.

3. Request bulky item pick-up from your waste hauler for a fee: