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Seasonal Road Work June-August 2022

 During spring and summer months, Public Works completes pavement preservation projects designed to help maintain the investment Thurston County has made in its roads. Visit our Summer Road Work page to find out when and where we're working this year!

About Us

Public Works is responsible for planning, constructing, and maintaining county roads, bridges, parks, trails, and other vital infrastructure. We make a difference every day by working to sustain neighborhoods, protect natural resources and enhance the local economy.

What We Do


We plan and construct projects that meet the needs of our communities and work to keep up with the impact our growing population has on our infrastructure. We also work with developers and property owners to ensure new structures are built to last.

Garbage & Recycling

We operate the only solid waste disposal facilities in Thurston County and provide important tools for waste reduction to our communities.

Parks & Trails

We ensure our communities have well-kept parks and trails, and protect open spaces for future generations to enjoy.

Road Operations

Paved roads make up the largest part of Thurston County’s transportation system. Our work is crucial to maintaining the investment we have made in our roads.

Water Resources

We manage stormwater runoff, mitigate flooding, and provide clean drinking water and sewage treatment for a cleaner, healthier environment. We help manage noxious weeds and facilitate healthy lake programs.

Our Mission

To provide quality public services in all areas of our business.

Our Core Values

Accountability | Customer Service | Innovation | Safety | Teamwork